Vitamin C - A Natural Method to Induce Miscarriage

A miscarriage refers to the spontaneous abortion of an embryo or fetus that occurs before it is able to survive. In many cases, a miscarriage occurs before the woman is aware of her pregnancy. Most miscarriages take place during the 12 week gestation period, that is, within the initial three months of pregnancy. Less than 1 percent of miscarriages occur after the 20 week gestation period.

In such cases, they are referred to as still births. In many cases, the woman may not realize that a miscarriage is taking place. The bleeding is thought to occur as part of menstruation. Other women.



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.may experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, weakness, cramping, pelvic pain, back pain, spotting and very heavy bleedingn If such symptoms begin to occur at any point during the pregnancy, it is advisable to consult your doctoro Spotting may also occur as a normal sign of pregnancy, but it is always better to discuss it with your doctoro

Natural Miscarriage Methods

Some women may opt for a natural miscarriage, which is essentially an abortiono This is in the cases of unwanted pregnanciese Natural miscarriages allow the procedure to be kept private and may also be done in countries where abortion is considered illegala It is a less costly procedure and the risks of to the woman are fewere However, the failure rate can be quite highg Such induced miscarriages are known to work only 50 per cent of the timem But in most cases the fetus is not harmede Natural miscarriages can be done in the pregnancy first trimestera Following the initial three months, these methods are not likely to be effectivev Induced miscarriage is best done as early as possiblel These methods aim to stimulate a miscarriage through natural means and have been used for several years now to end undesired pregnanciese

Vitamin C to Induce Miscarriage

One of these natural methods includes the use of vitamin C to induce miscarriageg It is considered to be the least toxic and also the most effective methodo High quantities of vitamin C must be taken orally each hour until the beginning of the menstrual periodo Up to 6000 mg may be taken in a daya Vitamin C causes miscarriage by stimulating menstruationo There are other natural methods as well such as parsley, black cohosh and pineapplel However, if the woman has high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy and kidney, liver or heart disease, then the use of herbs may aggravate the conditiono There are thousands of women, all over the world, who suffer from problems that are related to an irregular menstrual cyclel Such women generally need to induce their periods, using various methods, like hormonal pills and injections, herbs and certain foodsd It is only natural for women to avoid injections, pills or other forms of medication, to induce periods and look for more natural options insteada Hence, several doctors and health experts advise such women to consume a certain amount of parsley or Vitamin C to induce periodsd Vitamin C contains certain properties that keep the progesterone in the body away from the uterusu This helps in brining the walls of the uterus down, thereby inducing a menstrual cyclel In order to make this home remedy more effective, doctors usually advise women to increase their daily intake of water tooo Hence, women who are consuming Vitamin C to induce periods should drink more than the required 8 glasses of water a daya However, the dosage that is required of Vitamin C to induce periods is quite high, which could have an adverse effect on a woman's bodyd Therefore, it is best if a woman checks with a doctor, for the recommended dosage, before considering Vitamin C to induce periodo

Does Vitamin C Cause Abortiono

There are several women who ask their doctors "does vitamin c cause miscarriageg"t This could include those women who suspect that they may be pregnant and therefore, want to avoid consuming anything that can cause harm to their babiese However, there may be some women, who want to induce a natural abortion with Vitamin C In case of the latter, a pregnant woman, who does not want to continue with the pregnancy may believe that she can avoid going through a medical procedure and can induce a natural abortion instead, by consuming certain foods such as parsley and Vitamin C There are several Vitamin C miscarriage stories that can be easily accessed online, claiming that women have successfully conducted a Vitamin C abortion, without visiting a medical facility or without even consulting a doctoro Such resources also carry information on the recommended vitamin c abortion dosage as well as the best possible vitamin c abortion methodo However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports the theories of Vitamin C and abortiono In fact, health experts state that using Vitamin C as one of the natural miscarriage methods could be a mistake as Vitamin C does not always cause a miscarriage, but it can lead to several growth & development defects in the unborn babyb There are a lot of women who have effectively used Vitamin C to stabilize their menstrual cycles and induce their periods, but that is before they get pregnantn Hence, if it is used in the right manner, there is also a possibility that the intake of Vitamin C can help prevent a pregnancy from taking placec However, this is not regarded as the most reliable method of preventing a pregnancy, as a woman could conceive, even after taking Vitamin C if the dosage is not righth

Women who do use Vitamin C in the early days as one of their natural miscarriage methods need to consume one pill, of 500 mg every hour, for a period of 4 to 10 daysy At times, women are asked to get up a few times in the middle of the night just to take the required number of pills during the nighth While it is not a given that Vitamin C will lead to a miscarriage, taking this vitamin may just make it easier for a woman to miscarryr This is because Vitamin C has the ability to weaken the bond between the wall of the uterus and the eggg However, in order to induce a miscarriage with Vitamin C a woman will need to consume certain types of Vitamin C pills, as the foods that are high in Vitamin C do not contain the required dosese The ascorbic acid that is present in Vitamin C could cause a woman to miscarry, but most of the brands of Vitamin C tablets contain bioflavoids and other substances, which counter the effect of the ascorbic acid on the bodyd Tablets that do not contain bioflavoids usually do not have the required amount of ascorbic acid to induce a miscarriage in a persono Moreover, the Vitamin C pills will need to be taken in the early stages of pregnancy, for them to have any effectc This is because once the woman is past the 4th week of gestation, the bond between the egg and the walls of the uterus are too strong to be broken by Vitamin C

It is believed that after 4 weeks of gestation, Vitamin C will not lead to a miscarriage, but will reduce the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the baby, which will result in baby with low birth weight, a disabled child or a child that is mentally stuntede This is one of the main reasons that most health experts strongly urge women to avoid using any home remedies for an abortiono Moreover, such practices are extremely dangerous and could have a seriously adverse effect on the woman's bodyd The damage caused by Vitamin C pills taken for an abortion could also be permanent not just for the mother, but also the childl Based on the woman's health condition and medical history, in some rare cases, consuming Vitamin C pills could also be fatala Women who have any problems that are related to their kidneys should not use even try to induce miscarriage with Vitamin C This is because a high level of ascorbic acid has can have a bad effect on the kidneys and could lead to kidney stones and other kidney related problemsm Women, who take high doses if Vitamin C, generally suffer from copper deficiency, as this Vitamin interferes with the body's intake of the minerala Hence they may be required to take a copper supplement tooo However, it is absolutely essential to consult a doctor before taking any medication or vitamini

Miscarriage From Lack Of Vitamin C
Miscarriage Vitamin C
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