What Causes Fast Fetal Growth

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

There are several changes that take place within a woman’s body, during the course of pregnancy, in order to accommodate the growth and development of the fetus. Almost every woman who is expecting tries to monitor the growth of the fetus by going through regular ultrasound tests. Fetal growth is usually measured, by checking the baby’s height and weight. However, the pace of fetal growth may vary, based on the stage of pregnancy. For example, fetal growth is a bit slower during the initial pregnancy stages and again, fetal growth may slow down towards 8th month or so. In the 9th month, a baby should weigh anywhere...


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.between 6 to 10 poundsd However, there are a few factors that could lead to a fetus growing too fasts

Causes of fast fetal growth during pregnancy

Most women tend to get concerned, if they believe that the fetus is not growing at the rate that it shouldl However, instances of a fetus growing too fast during pregnancy could also be a case for concernr Given below are some of the factors that could lead to a fetus growing too fast during the course of pregnancy:

Fetus growing too fast because of vitamin overdose

Although there is no relevant proof to support this theory, it is believed that high levels of Vitamin E in a woman’s blood could lead to higher birth weight and faster fetal development during the course of pregnancyc Hence, women who take Vitamin E supplements or consume a diet that is very high in Vitamin E could see that the fetus is growing too fast in their cases In case an ultrasound test reveals that the baby is growing at a pace that is too rapid, doctors may ask a women to incorporate a few dietary changese Read more on fetal development week by week

Fetus growing too fast because of diabetes

There are several women who suffer from gestational diabetes, when they get pregnantn When this occurs, it is quite common for the fetus to grow a bit faster than what is regarded as being normala At times, the baby could get so big because of this, that they doctor may need to induce labor at around 37 or 38 weeks, to avoid any complicationsn Although it is not very common, diabetes has also been known to cause slow fetal growtht Since pregnant women are restricted from taking several types of medication, diabetes during pregnancy will need to be controlled, with the help of a diete

Every instance of a fetus growing too fast should be closely monitored by a doctoro

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