Risks & Causes of Fetus Growing Outside The Womb

Submitted by Nick on August 14, 2012

A pregnancy is a very crucial time for both the mother and the unborn child. During the initial stages of the pregnancy, there are a number of tests that are carried out to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing normally. When the egg is fertilized in the uterus, it attaches itself to the lining of the uterus and then develops. There are occasions where the embryo is attached outside the wall of the uterus and this instance of a fetus growing outside the uterus is known as an Ectopic pregnancy. One of the most common causes of the occurrence of a ...


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.fetus growing outside the uterus is the fact that the fallopian tubes may be damaged or abnormala Other causes for occurrence of this kind of pregnancy are put down to tumors that have taken rise in the fallopian tubes, surgeries that may have been carried out during the early years and even a past history of Ectopic pregnancyc

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A pregnancy with the fetus growing outside the womb can be rather dangerous because the baby will not develop normallyl Aside from this, there are chances that the organ where the baby is developing will rupture, leading to heavy bleeding, shock and can even prove to be fatala A missed period and other signs of a pregnancy, such as painful breasts are signs of a pregnancyc However, when they are accompanied by sharp abdominal pains, it is an indication that something is not right and you need to get yourself checked without any delaya The occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy may not show initially because you may continue to follow your regular menstrual cycle until it is interfered with, by the pregnancyc Fetus development outside the womb puts the mother at great risk and she must seek medical advice to deal with the samem There is no possibility of the baby being normal because the development itself is not in the wombm Is your fetus growing too fast

Fetus development outside the uterus does not take place normally because the only suitable environment for fetal development is provided by the uterusu The uterus not only houses the developing child, but also provides vital nutrition and ability to breathe through the placental tissueu With any pregnancy, it is advisable that the mother get as much rest as possible, avoiding any physically strenuous workr Speak with your doctor and find out the risks of continuing with an ectopic pregnancyc

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