What are the Causes and Treatment For Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is condition that is a complication of pregnancy. This usually occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy and causes a miscarriage – though there have been cases of ectopic pregnancies being carried to term. This is purely because a collusion of factors that worked in favor of the pregnancy coming to term and is therefore an aberration and not the norm.

The causes of an ectopic pregnancy lie in a variety of factors that include disease, the use of IUD contraception, and even the age of the female. In most situations, the leading ectopic pregnancy causes lies in the previous occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy.


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Fundamentally, ectopic pregnancy causes lie in the biology of the female reproductive system and the damage to it.

Ectopic Pregnancy Causes

post ectopic pregnancies end up occurring when the fetus does not reach the uterus and gets stuck in the fallopian tubes. Normally, this situation is avoided because of the presence of fine hairs called cilia in the fallopian tubes that push the fetus towards the uterus. If there is some kind of damage to this cilia from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or the use of IUD devices, then the chances of an ectopic pregnancy are huge. Smoking is also designated as a major cause of the problem. Once the fetus is ready to start development, it will secrete enzymes that allow it to burrow into tissue and find the nearest blood source. If it is in the fallopian tubes at this time, the fetus will burrow into the tissue and cause bleeding. This bleeding itself will cause the fetus to slip down into the uterus and the inflammation will kill the fetus, which will then be expelled from the body.

One of the complications of IVF is that there is more than one ectopic pregnancy that can occur – a condition called heterotropic pregnancy. In this case twin fetuses are lodged outside the uterus.

Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

Treating an ectopic pregnancy can be done medically using methotrexate to cause an abortion or it might have to be done surgically if the bleeding has caused the blood to seep into the peritoneum. This is a medical emergency and is the leading cause of fatalities from ectopic pregnancies. Oddly, there are some extremely rare cases of ectopic pregnancies being brought to term. These include cases of the fetus attaching itself to the abdomen. This will end up in a delivery with the removal of the organ and circulation from where the fetus took the blood supply.

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