When do ectopic pregnancy symptoms start?

(April 14, 2011)

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg gets implanted in the fallopian tubes, or other parts outside the uterus, such as the cervix or the ovaries. Since it is not a normal pregnancy, it cannot continue. At times, woman experience the regular symptoms of a normal pregnancy even in case of an ectopic pregnancy. However, specific ectopic pregnancy symptoms occur in several cases.  Some of the most common symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are:

• Pain in the lower abdominal area
• Cramps on one side of the pelvis
• Vaginal bleeding, with a relatively light flow

Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy could rupture in the fallopian tubes, which makes some alarming ectopic pregnancy symptoms start. Given below are some of the symptoms that indicate a rupture in the fallopian tubes:

• Lightheadedness, accompanied by bouts of dizziness
• A stabbing and sharp pain in the abdomen or the pelvic region, as well as the neck and shoulders
• Heavier vaginal bleeding, which could be bright red or dark brown in color  
• Severe pain, cramps and a stabbing sensation, in the abdominal area
• The urge to defecate, without any success
• Shock, with extreme lightheadedness or even fainting

When do ectopic pregnancy symptoms start?

There is a lot of confusion about who can suffer from an ectopic pregnancy and when the symptoms become evident. Any woman who is sexually active can get pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. Studies indicate that in several instances, the ectopic pregnancy symptoms start at around that time, when a woman’s periods are due. Because of this, many women believe that they symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are nothing more than a delayed period. Therefore, there are many women who do not even realize that they had an ectopic pregnancy, until it is checked by a doctor for any particular reason.

Therefore it is absolutely essential to consult a doctor, when the ectopic pregnancy symptoms start, so that the appropriate treatment can be administered without any delay. This can help to preserve the chances of any healthy pregnancies in the future. Doctors should also monitor a pregnant woman’s condition, as soon as the various ectopic pregnancy symptoms appear. In case an ectopic pregnancy continues to grow in the fallopian tubes, it can lead to some severe health complications. In case the ectopic pregnancy goes on for a very long time, it could rupture in the tubes, which could be a fatal problem.

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