Early pregnancy cramping near ovary

(April 19, 2010)

normal vs ectopic?

Abdominal cramping is quite a common occurrence during pregnancy, especially during the early weeks. However, when a woman experiences ovarian pain in particular, the most likely cause is ovarian cysts. Corpus luteum cyst is the most common type of cyst that an expectant mother suffers from during early pregnancy. This cyst is caused by changing hormones in the woman's body due to which the follicle, which releases the egg, reseals and fills with fluid. An already existing cyst, especially if it is solid, also causes pain n the ovary. This cyst is more dangerous to the mother and the baby as it can be cancerous in nature. Corpus luteum cyst usually resolves in a few weeks, whereas a preexisting ovary has to be removed through laproscopic surgery. Cramps in the ovary or surrounding areas are also caused by round ligament pain. In this condition, the ligaments supporting the uterus stretch because of their growing size and weight. As these ligaments stretch, they irritate the nerve fibers thereby causing pain. If suffering from this condition, the woman must avoid physical stress or activity and avoid sleeping on that side. She can also take a warm bath or apply a heating pad to the painful region.  

Other than cysts or round ligament, there is a condition called ectopic pregnancy that also causes cramping in or around the ovary. Sometimes also called a tubular pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy is a condition wherein a fertilized egg implants in locations like the ovary, fallopian tube, cervix, or the abdominal cavity instead of the lining of the uterus. Besides ovarian cramps and pain, the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include spotting or light bleeding, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, low blood pressure, pain on one side of the abdomen, and pain in the shoulders and the rectum. The leading causes of ectopic pregnancy are damaged or congenitally abnormal fallopian tube, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia, fertility drugs, or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). It's very important to treat ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible as it gives no space to the placenta to attach and prevents the proper growth of pregnancy. If occurring in the fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy can cause the tube to rupture if not treated in time. This, in turn, can be a life threatening problem. Unfortunately, ectopic pregnancy cannot be prevented. However, if the woman suffers from any treatable ailment during conception, like STDs, she must undergo a treatment for the same.

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