Is Yellow Vaginal Discharge in Early Pregnancy Normal?

(February 2, 2011)

Vaginal discharge commonly occurs during pregnancy. During pregnancy there is an elevation in the production of the hormone, estrogen. The blood flow to the vagina region also increases. All of this leads to some amount of vaginal discharge. As the pregnancy progresses, the vaginal discharge may increase. This discharge is odorless and sticky. Yellow discharge in early pregnancy may be a symptom of some kind of disease or infection and medical attention must be sought.

Pregnancy leads to various changes in a woman’s body. The hormonal changes are the main reason for these changes. Normal vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is composed of vaginal and cervical secretions, normal bacteria and old cells. In the first trimester, the discharge is likely to be colorless and odorless. After a few days, the discharge may also take on a light yellow appearance which is quite normal. In case there is greenish or thick yellow discharge during early pregnancy, certain infections may be present. Such discharge is also likely to smell strong or foul. A yeast infection called candidiasis is a common condition that occurs in many pregnant women. It occurs due to the hormonal changes and is not a serious condition. The doctor may prescribe some anti-fungal creams for the treatment of candidiasis. Abnormal discharge in a pregnant woman may also be caused by a sexually transmitted disease known as trichomoniasis. This infection can also pass on to the amniotic fluid and may result in a pre-term birth.

Cervical polyps are smooth, red masses which form on the surface of the cervical canal. These polyps may become inflamed and infected, thereby leading to strong smelling and discolored vaginal discharge. Another condition which can lead to abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is bacterial vaginosis. In addition to foul smelling discharge, there may also be a burning or painful sensation while urinating. This condition may result in premature labor or low birth weight.

In order to prevent yellow discharge during pregnancy, it is important to keep the genital region clean at all times. Since bacteria and fungi tend to thrive in moist places, the genital area must also be kept dry. It helps to wear comfortable and loose fitted garments as this will allow circulation of air. Douching can aggravate the condition and hence must be avoided. It may also get rid of the healthy bacteria which are necessary for health of the vaginal lining. At the first signs of abnormal discharge during pregnancy, it is crucial to consult a doctor.

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