Bloody & Sticky Nipple Discharge During Pregnancy

Right from the time a woman gets pregnant, there are several changes that take place in her breasts, which continues until after the baby is born. This is because like the other parts of the body, the breasts too are preparing for the arrival of the baby. For starters, it is absolutely natural for the breasts to feel tender and sore; this is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.

The color of the nipples also usually changes, due to the levels of hormones in the body. There are many women who also notice a nipple discharge during pregnancy and wonder if it is normal or if it is an indication of a problem.


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Is nipple discharge during pregnancy normal?

There are several women who notice nipple discharge during pregnancy, i.e., even before the baby is born. However, while there are several cases, where the discharge from the nipples is normal, it is also possible for this symptom to be an indication of a problem. Many people believe that the color of the nipple discharge during pregnancy can help determine if this is a normal occurrence or not; however, both normal and abnormal nipple discharge during pregnancy can be seen in different colors, such as white, yellow or clear. Therefore, it is important to check for other signs that may accompany the discharge. In most instances, if the discharge is normal, it will be seen from both the nipples, in case they are compressed or squeezed in any way.

Clear sticky nipple discharge during pregnancy

This is usually known as colostrums, or pre-milk, which is a yellowish or clear liquid. In case of colostrums, at first, the discharge is usually yellow in color, but as the pregnancy approaches its due date, the discharge becomes pale and clear, but continues to remain sticky. This form of nipple discharge during pregnancy is not a cause for concern, as the breasts are only getting ready for the baby’s arrival.

Bloody nipple discharge during pregnancy

A bloody discharge is generally a cause for concern and requires immediate medical attention, whether it occurs during pregnancy or even after the baby is born. Hence, in case of a bloody or a brown nipple discharge during pregnancy, it is absolutely essential for a woman to inform the doctor about it immediately.

In case of any other odd occurrence, such as an orange nipple discharge during pregnancy, it is best to consult a doctor immediate and preferably undergo a physical exam.

Nipple Discharge During Pregnancy
Nipple Discharge During Pregnancy
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