Reasons for Mood Swings During Pregnancy

There is much joy in experiencing motherhood and most of the women believe that these feelings of happiness of being pregnant are invaluable. Sometimes however positive feelings are overshadowed by the feelings of stress and depression. It is normal for a pregnant woman to experience mood swings during pregnancy.

Although postpartum mood swings is a common phenomenon among pregnant women, prenatal mood swings also take place due to the fluctuations in the hormone levels in the body. Hormonal imbalances in a pregnant woman's body can result in an increase in the stress and pressure levels leading to mood swings during pregnancy.


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It is important to take adequate measures in order to combat depression that can arise due to the effects of mood swings and may cause a compromise on the health of the pregnant woman and child.

Reasons for Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Two important hormones in the woman's body namely estrogen and progesterone are believed to be the culprits causing mood swings during pregnancy. One effective way of dealing with progesterone mood swings is to indulge in exercise that can help in reducing the incidence of mood swings. Moreover meditative techniques such as relaxation and yoga are also believed to be helpful in relaxing the mind and body of the pregnant woman. A woman may experience mood swings during her first trimester, second trimester as well as during her third trimester.

Symptoms of Mood Swings During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman may feel a host of conflicting emotions ranging from great joy to deep despair in a matter of seconds. Sometimes she may feel sorrowful for no cause at all and may even find it difficult to express why she is feeling so. This is not an indication of a psychological disorder or a problem but reveals hormonal imbalances and changes in the body.

Mood swings during the first trimester are usually experienced by the pregnant woman especially between 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Eventually mood swings during second trimester are also intense as this is the time that the pregnant woman begins to feel the baby move inside her. Mood swings during thethird trimester is believed to be the most anxious situation as a pregnant woman is worried about most things around and inside her and is often worried about the entire birthing process, labor and the delivery process. All these thoughts bring about negative emotions which are bound to run high.

Dealing with Mood Swings During Pregnancy

In order to deal with mood swings during pregnancy it is important to keep the pregnant woman feel protective and loved by her husband and her nearest ones. It is important to express love to the pregnant woman and understand her mental processes during her mood swings. Especially during the third trimester, the pregnant woman is unable to sleep as the baby is constantly moving and hence it is important to rest when the baby is resting.

Pregnancy Mood Swings
Mood Swings During Pregnancy
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