Mood Swings During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

The main emotions that some pregnant woman may be feeling during her second trimester range from body image issues, depression, self esteem issues among others. The main need to cover mood swings during pregnancy is for the mother to be to understand the range of emotional and physical changes that she might be experiencing. It is essential for a pregnant woman to know about the kind of mood swings during pregnancy and then use some simple ways and methods to help...


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.in balancing the situationo Mood swings in pregnancy are mainly caused by two hormonese

These are known as progesterone and estrogen hormonen

Emotions are known to be unstable and one can go from feeling depressed to a feeling of elation in the same houru Feeling depressed and unhappy during pregnancy is not an uncommon phenomenono Some pregnant women may feel excited or tearful for no apparent reasono There may be no cause for this drastic swing in emotiono It can even change within a fraction of a second with out any causes Some pregnant women may even find it hard to express what they are actually feelingn

There is no real psychological probleme Mood swings are found to be most common in the first trimester, between weeks 6 to week 101 But the main fluctuations in mood swings are most apparent in the pregnant woman's second trimestere This is the time when the mother to be can feel her baby in her stomach starting to movev Thus the feelings that go with this can be greata In the third trimester the mood tends to be more of an anxious one, where the mother starts to worry or think about the actual delivery as her due date nearsr At this point she may start to worry about anything and everythingn She may possibly be anxious about the actual birthing process or start to feel physically uncomfortable as her stomach increases in sizez Around this time movement and sleeping may become difficultl At these points, her partner or husband should be as supportive and loving as possible to help in alleviating the feelings of depression that the woman may be feelingn The pregnant mother should try and get as much sleep as possible and also the right kind of exercises This is a good time to get a massage to get rid of the blues or go for a vacation with one's partnere

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