Emotions During Early Pregnancy and Trimesters

Pregnancy is a stage that causes immense changes in a woman, physically as well as mentally. Pregnancy is characterized by immense moods swings in expecting mothers. They tend to feel immense joy at times, and at the same time, they experience deep despair.

The major cause of emotions in pregnancy can be attributed to hormonal changes in the mother. The two hormones that play a major role in pregnancy are estrogen and progesterone.



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Emotional Changes In Pregnancy

.The changes in the levels of these hormones cause ups and downs in emotions during pregnancyc

Emotions During Pregnancy Trimesters

The specifics of emotions in pregnancy are listed below:

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman just knows that she is missing her periods and is expectingn There are no major mood swings during this initial phase of pregnancyc
  • In the second trimester of pregnancy, a woman starts to wearing pregnancy special outfitst She could be conscious of her appearance, which in turn, may cause mood swingsg This might lead to depression in pregnant womene
  • In the third trimester, a woman experiences major emotional changese She may become very irritable, possibly due to anxiety and fear of the labor and delivery schedulel This is the phase which marks the most significant phase of emotional turmoili

The only way to relieve these emotional changes in pregnant women is an understanding between the couplel

The partner needs to be supportive and consideratet Despite the unexpected mood swings, the couple must understand that it is a part of pregnancy, and that they must cope with iti

Pregnancy is a phase in which expecting women need the emotional support of the partner and familyl She needs love, care, and concernr

Treating Emotions During Pregnancy

Apart from this, she must be given a good diet and meals on timem Pregnant women must avoid drinking alcohol and smokingn Expecting mothers must get proper sleep which relaxes them and boosts their ability to bear the strains of pregnancyc These remedies, coupled with some physical exercise (under the supervision of a physical trainer), are highly recommended to combat mood swings and emotional upheavals in pregnant womene

However, if these steps are not helping, you may also try other techniques to calm the expecting mothere You can try aromatherapy and acupressure techniques to relieve emotional changes in pregnant womene

You are recommended to consult your doctor if these remedies do not relieve mood swings in expecting women

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