Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy & Childbirth

Taking care of yourself has never been as important as now, when you are pregnant. You will have information and advice pouring from all possible sources such as your health care provider, friends, family or even complete strangers.

So it becomes very important to gather the right information as this will act as a guide to effective care in pregnancy and childbirth. Listed below are some pregnancy care tips which will help you sail through this 40 weeks journey safely.

Best Tips For Pregnancy Care


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Best Tips For Pregnancy Care

  • An important aspect of prenatal care during pregnancy is regular prenatal checkups. As soon as you know that you are pregnant, fix an appointment with your specialist. He will probably confirm your pregnancy and determine your current stage. In most cases, your specialist will want to see your every 4 weeks for first 28 weeks of pregnancy, every 2 weeks until the 36th week and after that every week until delivery. Care during early pregnancy is especially important as this phase is linked with a higher risk of a miscarriage.
  • Healthy eating is important throughout your pregnancy and baby care period. Depending on your weight, your health care provider will advise you consume extra calories. An average woman, without any weight problems, would require about 300 extra calories.
  • However in case of underweight women, multiple pregnancies, or very active women, the calorie range may be higher and in cases of overweight or obese women , slightly lower calorie consumption is encouraged. Calories you consume should mainly come from nutritious foods which will help in the growth and development of the baby.

    Include whole cereals, grains and its products, nuts, pulses, legumes, beans and sprouts, low fat dairy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. However you will need a higher intake of essential nutrients like calcium, folic acid, iron, vitamin C and vitamin A while you are pregnant (your health care provider will prescribe multivitamin supplements in case they are needed). Having your prenatal vitamins doesn’t mean that you can compromise on the quality and quantity of your daily food intake. Remember that supplements cannot completely replace the much needed nutrients from your diet.
  • Regular exercise during pregnancy has been proved to be very beneficial. Exercise can help tone your muscles, avoid excess weight gain, increase energy, and improve sleep. Regular exercise also helps to reduce pregnancy related problems like constipation, back pain and swelling as well as prepare you for labor.
  • However before starting any physical activity, make sure that you consult your health care specialist.
  • Sleep well throughout your pregnancy, your body is working hard to support a new life so it is natural to feel tired easily.
  • Some things to avoid during pregnancy include alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs, fish high in mercury, caffeine, soft cheeses, and eggs.
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