Group B Strep During Pregnancy

Group b strep during pregnancy is known to occur in almost 10 to 40 percent of pregnant women. Group b strep is basically a bacteria that is known to usually harbour in the intestinal tract of the individual. However in some pregnant women may also test positive group b strep during pregnancy as they may have this bacteria in their vagina.

Treating group b strep during pregnancy is essential because if left untreated the baby may also contract this bacteria s it passes through the vagina during the delivery.

Group b strep may also be observed in the urine.



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.of the woman during pregnancy which is also used as a diagnostic test for this medical conditiono

Group B Strep During Pregnancy Symptoms

Group b strep during pregnancy treatment is essential because although it is usually harmless for healthy adults in case of new born children it may cause serious infections and may also result in still birtht In fact it has also been observed that an early onset of group b strep may result in an infection in the blood of the mother and consequently the child and may also result in long term health issues in the child in the form of cerebral palsy , developmental disabilities or vision and hearing losss Some of the commonly observed symptoms of group b strep during pregnancy include breathing problems or grunting sounds, fever, stiffness, blood pressure or heart rate abnormalities , seizures and even fussiness or poor feeding in babies infected with group b strepe Some of the symptoms of group b strep during pregnancy in pregnant women include infection of the placenta, uterus as well as the urinary tractc Those pregnant women who have other chronic medical problems such as cancer and who contract group b strep during pregnant may even suffer from skin infections, sepsis, pneumonia and so ono

Treatment and Natural Remedies for Group B Strep in Pregnancy

One of the natural remedies for group b strep during pregnancy includes the increase in the consumption of probiotic foods such as kefir, yogurt and even cultured vegetablese

Natural remedies for the treatment of group b strep during pregnancy also includes the increase in the intake of dietary plant fiber which may be obtained from fresh vegetables and fruits that are useful in the survival of beneficial bacteria and also in boosting the infection fighting level of vitamin C in the bodyd group b strep during pregnancy treatment also includes using antimicrobial solutions to gently flush the vaginal area and the vagina so as to eliminate or at least reduce the bacterial coloniese In such cases as part of the group b strep treatment during pregnancy one may use apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, golden seal herbal tea and so on as vaginal flushese In order t use this natural remedy for group b strep treatment during pregnancy a bulb syringe filled with the anti microbial solution should be used once on a daily basis for up to seven daysy However if the pregnant woman notices any vaginal irritation after using this solutions then this treatment should be discontinued immediatelyl Group strep b during pregnancy is more prone to be transmitted to the child in case of certain known maternal risk factors such as membrane rupturing more than 18 hours before delivery of the baby of before 37 weeks, previous pregnancy with group b strep infection, urinary tract infection with group b strep during the pregnancy or even having fever at the time of laboro In some cases , once the group b strep infection has been diagnosed , the doctor may even recommend administering some intravenous antibiotics to the pregnant woman depending on her medical history during the pregnancyc

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