How Toddlers Learn

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

As children grow, there are a number of things that they learn from the people around them. Exposure to certain stimuli is the best way of allowing a child to learn through his or her own experiences. Studies have proven how toddlers learn through interaction with various people around them and this is the most educative method of learning. The immediate family is the first social circle that is recognized by the toddler and there are a variety of influences that the child comes into contact with, thus helping to mold a toddler. Positive, happy experiences are an important part of the growing process...


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.of any child's life, thereby helping him or her to see the good in everything that they come into contact witht

Another effective method of learning is seen in how toddlers learn through playa

While they are with their peer group, toddlers feel most comfortable and make innumerable attempts at trying to achieve what another member of the group has already achievede A lot of conversational skill is picked up by toddlers when they are interacting with other members of their peer groupu It is noticed how toddlers learn language skills much faster when they are with other children of their own age groupu They feel at ease with children of their own age group because there are no expectations that they have to live up to, apart from the fact that they are able to understand each other without any complicationsn

It is important to understand how toddlers learn to speak and interact so that you can provide your child with activities that are conducive to his/her growth and developmentn Watching a child play with a doll is one method of understanding and encouraging social skills and speech development during the early stages of developmentn Children playing in groups are an extremely helpful method of the informal learning process that help him or her to develop the basic social skills required to live happily in societyt There are a number of infant and toddler lesson plans that are readily available over the internet, to assist with the learning process being undertaken by your childl However, it must be remembered that these lesson plans are tools that will only help in the learning process and should not be completely depended upono The best teaching - learning process is carried out through interaction and exposure to various stimulil

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