Can 4 month old or older baby learn and develop behavior from a toddler?

(May 4, 2010)

At 4 months each day is filled with the excitement of new discoveries made by your little one. The cute little laugh is the most welcome sound in your home. Each day that passes by she learns new things just by observing people around her. It is at this age that the child is learning to communicate with the world. It is at this age that the child discovers its hands. It tries to grab everything it can reach. It loves bright colored toys especially the squeaky ones. It also discovers laughter at this age and realizes that its making a joyful sound just by the reaction it gets from you.

Babies could learn a lot form toddlers as they get along very well with them. Babies are drawn to their voices and size. At the age of four month a baby will learn through imitation and observation. They observe things around them very carefully and then try to imitate that behavior. At the age of four month a baby can raise itself up while lying on its tummy. It can grasp a rattle, laughs out loud, squeals with delight, smiles spontaneously, looks intently to very small objects and love experimenting by making new sounds. At this age a baby can even recognizes parents and siblings. Always remember that the internal timetable for development differs and each baby has it own. Don’t get too worried is your four month old baby had displayed such behavior as yet. Babies and toddler learn more about the world around them in many ways and important way is through interaction. If you are concerned about your baby’s development you should consult the doctor.  

Life is a continuous learning curve for a baby or toddler. During the first few years a child learns a lot of new things such as certain skill and tasks they can do well, the world around and what it’s like and a lot of their emotions. They learn all this by interacting with one another, with children their age as well as from the adults around them. Hence social interaction is very important and babies should have plenty of opportunity to be a part of activities, educational classes and clubs that focus on mother and babies.

As a parent, you can have the ability to help your child’s early learning and development by giving them a lot of opportunities to experience and witness interaction in their lives.

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