Toddler Behavior Disorders

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

A toddler’s behavior is not governed by the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong as a toddler is innocent. Since toddlers do not have the ability to verbally communicate their desires, they depend completely on their instincts and do what they feel is the best. It is with the help of their parents and other adults around them that they gradually learn the difference between accepted and unaccepted behavior. Tantrums and toddler aggression are usually considered as toddler behavior disorders especially by first time parents. However, these are very natural reactions displayed by toddlers mainly because they crave...


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Toddler Behavior Management

...undivided attention. Whenever they find that they are not the centre of attention, they try whatever method they find suitable to gain all attention. This may be in the form of amusing acts, anger outbursts, uncontrollable crying, fights or destruction of objects around them. Biting or pinching siblings or other children may also be a part of such unacceptable behavior.

These so called toddler behavior disorders show complete disobedience and defiance on the part of the toddler. The best way to deal with infant behavior disorders is to remain calm and show the toddler that this kind of behavior does not affect you. If an adult responds to tantrums with anger outbursts, the toddler will feel that such behavior is normally accepted. Resorting to physical abuse must be avoided completely as this may only worsen toddler behavior disorders resulting in a toddler becoming more aggressive and demanding. Children are really good at imitating adults and hence, adults must be careful about the course of action they choose. Being firm yet gentle is the key to dealing with toddler behavior disorders. A child needs to understand the difference between good and bad behavior and this can be achieved through the use of moral stories. The outcome of unacceptable behavior must be spoken off time and again as toddlers cannot retain many instructions. Reprimanding the toddler as soon as he or she does something wrong is essential so that the toddler realizes what is expected of him or her. Good behavior must be reinforced through reward in the form immediate praise. The use of behavior modification charts may also be used to improve overall behavior in toddlers. However, if the behavior does not cease in spite of various attempts, consulting a pediatrician may become essential to determine if there is any underlying cause for the unacceptable behavior.

Toddler Behavior Disorders
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