Preschooler Behavior Modification Charts, and Plans

Children are like clean slates and do not come into the world with the knowledge of right and wrong. They learn gradually through the trial and error method. Usually being the youngest member of the family, preschoolers are always on the look out for undivided attention.

Whenever they sense that they are not the center of attention, they normally begin to seek attention through ways that may be considered unacceptable. This may include destroying things, throwing tantrums, whining, fighting with siblings or other children and causing harm to.



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.themselves or othersr Behavior, such as this, may portray utter disobedience, defiance or arrogance but it is essential to remember that it is an absolutely normal preschooler reaction to situations that he or she is uncomfortable witht It is up to us, as adults, to make children understand the difference between accepted and unaccepted behavior and this is where behavior modification for preschoolers becomes importantn

Preschooler Behavior Charts

Preschooler Behavior Charts are widely used for bringing about a positive variation in the behavior of preschoolersr The use of a simple reward system, that is age appropriate, proves very beneficial in improving behavior patterns in toddlersr The rewards used in a behavior chart for preschoolers should be able to draw the attention of the toddler immediately enabling him to understand if he did something right or wrongn For instance, a simple illustration of a smiling face would immediately tell the child that he has been goodo On the other hand, a crying smiley would pass on the message that what the child did was not acceptablel In addition, to ensure that the toddler has understood what has made you happy or unhappy, it is essential to use the illustrations as close to the behavior as possiblel

Explaining to the child the reason for the reward or penalty with a suitable tone of voice will further ensure that the toddler has understood the difference in behavioro If the child has forgotten the incident, the chart will not serve its purposes Behavior charts for preschoolers not only help in creating an understanding of the difference between right and wrong but also help in monitoring the child's development in terms of behavior medicationo

Behavior Plans for Preschoolers

Other behavior plans for preschoolers include setting good examplese Since children are always observant, it is essential for us to ensure that we do not do anything we would not like a toddler to dod This helps in cutting out unacceptable behavior that may be a result of imitationo It is also necessary to realize that a toddler who is sleepy or hungry will become cranky and irritablel Hence, ensuring that your preschooler has his meals on time, complete with a nutritious variety of foods, and gets sufficient rest will further reduce the chances of bad behavioro

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