Preschooler Sibling Rivalry & Relationships

Children have a whole lot of energy that keeps parents on their toes all the while. Dealing with one child can be a task, but having children that are born at short intervals can be really trying. Preschool sibling rivalry is experienced in almost every household that has two or more children in the same age group.

The most wonderful thing about having two children that are a year apart is that they grow up together, learning from each other’s experiences. However, a parent who has two such children must be prepared to deal with the pangs of sibling squabbles that will arise sooner or later. Squabbling siblings are not uncommon, and they usually tend to fight over matters of little or no importance.


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The most common cause for squabbles that arise among siblings is the need for attention from the parents or whoever is around them at that particular point of time. Every child is in need of attention, which is a natural form of behavior. Siblings will either gain attention through positive means or through negative means by causing some form of harm to the other sibling. Pinching, biting, scratching and the throwing of a tantrum are all ways of gaining attention from parents or people around. It has been observed that although siblings tend to squabble with each other, they are actually enjoying each others company.

Preschooler Sibling Relationship

Preschooler sibling relationship studies show that a large number of children who have siblings will find it extremely easy to socialize with other children around them.

Attitudes and openness to sharing things, interactive communication and social skills develop much faster in children who have siblings to share such experiences with. In the event that your child does throw a tantrum, it is advisable that you do not give in to the demands just to keep peace around the household. Children are much smarter than we think and they will soon learn how to take advantage of a parent who gives in easily to demands. Allowing siblings to sort out their own disputes is a very good way of helping them learn how to deal with situations. Do not involve yourself in their squabbling unless there is an absolute need for you to do so. On telling them that they will have to be separated because they cannot get on with each other, they may actually settle down for fear of being separated from each other.

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