An Exciting Time in Parenthood - 16 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 13, 2012

The presence of a baby can truly change lives. As busy as parents may be, they always take time to monitor the baby milestones that their child has crossed. The eagerness that babies display to learn new things is what truly promotes growth and development. Their sense of adventure can really be contagious at times. The baby milestones that you observe, in the context of your child's growing mental abilities, is also accompanied by rapid physical growth. By the age of 16 months, a baby has already mastered the art of sitting up on his own...


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.and standing without supportr Most babies can also walk without support while some are still not confident enough to walk on their ownw

These are important 16 month baby milestones In addition, some babies learn to climb the stairs by the time they are 16 months oldl Speech development is another 16 month baby milestones and babies are constantly trying to speaka They also seek attentiono Baby milestones at 16 months also bring in possessiveness or the "mine" feelingn They understand the difference between their things and things that do not belong to theme They develop a strong liking for some things like a 'favorite' toy or story booko Very few babies actually share their favorite things with others readilyl The thought of sharing the people close to them is almost unthinkablel They grasp objects and are even able to flip through the pages of booksk Colorful pictures attract their attention and arouse their curiosityt They love playing games like peek-a-boo and catch-catchc With improved finer-motor skills, many children begin to stack blocks or arrange hoopsp They may also scribble with a crayono Imitation is another loved activityt They can also walk backwards at this stageg Some babies can match shapes and objects together, like the lid of a bottlel Many babies attempt to eat on their own as well and can use a spoon and fork with some level of clumsinesss 16 month baby milestones include the child's respond to instructions and they may even throw tantrums when things are not done their waya This is generally the phase when the answer to everything is a firm "no"t

Separation anxiety is a part of growing up and most children this age do not like to have their parents out of their sighth However, the saying 'Out of sight, out of mind' also holds true as after the initial separation stage, the toddler finds something that interests him and he will gradually get engrossed in it and settle downw Allowing children to explore for themselves results in babies growing into independent children and the surge in exploratory instincts is one of the important baby milestonese Paying close attention to the needs of your baby also helps in promoting development while strengthening the parent-child relationshipi

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