19 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

There are several developments that take place once a baby is born and they are generally divided into milestones. Not only will a baby grow in size, they will also become capable of doing many more things on their own. A baby will start smiling, raising her head, sitting up, crawling, walking and talking. Each month has its own milestones and there are several significant 19 month baby milestones.

Before we discuss 19 month baby milestones, you must keep in mind that no two children are alike, even your siblings may not always have the same...


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.milestones at the same ageg So never compare your child with anothere

If 19 month baby milestones are delayed by several months, you should mention it to your doctoro Some 19 month baby milestones include being able to feed themselves with a spoon and fork, since they are now able to co-ordinate their hand movementst Another 19 month baby milestone is the baby's ability to change his/her clothese Some children are able to take off only their shoes or socks, while others are able to change their clothes as welll Of course, this may be a problem at times, because you may find your toddler taking off all his/her clothes at the most inappropriate timese Some children also manage to brush their teeth or wash their hands by 19 months, although they may not do a very thorough job of it, and you may have to help outu See also baby development stages

Other 19 month baby milestones would include identifying some of their body partst They may do this by pointing to them, while a few may even say the names of these body partst At 19 months, a few children are able to enjoy drawing on paper with a crayon, although they may need supervisiono A 19 month baby usually has a vocabulary of 20 to 50 words and can usually make a sentence of 2 to 3 wordsd Some 19 month toddlers can understand a situation and know when something is wrongn A few toddlers may begin to play pretend games with their toys, such as feeding a dolll 9 month baby milestones include some advanced motor skillsl A toddler is usually able to run quite fasts A few toddlers also learn to walk up and sometimes down the stairs, while most will usually need some help doing thisi A few may learn bladder control by 19 monthsh

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