Assessing Toddler's Speech or Language Milestones

Toddler speech development is one of the greatest milestones that the toddler and parent have to reach together. Communication being one of the most important aspects of social life, it is important that your toddler be given the correct instructions while helping to develop speech.

Speaking to your toddler in normal language is of great advantage, because your child is then able to understand words spoken normally at an early age. Talking to children in baby language or gibberish does not help in overcoming toddler talking milestones.



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Normal Toddler Development

.and the development of speech skills

Toddler Language or Speech Milestones

As your toddler progresses in age, there are certain toddler language milestones that he or she will overcomem In approximately seven days, your toddler is able to distinguish your voice as a mother from among other feminine voices around him or here Similarly, a father’s voice will be recognized and distinguished from other male voices in approximately two weeksk In a few months, the child will be able to make basic sounds and with further progress, will soon be able to say the first few words, usually “mama” or “dada”o During this time, your child is also able to respond to different instructions given, such as handing over something that you have asked foro When the child is near completing two years of age, there are many other words that will form part of his vocabularyr

By the time your child is four years of age, he will be able to have complete conversations with people aroundn

Assess Toddler Speech Milestones

Being the most important person in your child’s life and based on the amount of time you spend interacting with your child, it is easy to assess the toddler development milestones that you have helped your child reachc Giving your child the right experiences in life will help him or her to grow well and develop at a faster rate in comparison to those toddlers who are not given experiences that help them to growo Experience is the best teacher, and once a child has experienced something for himself, there is a tendency to have a better understanding of the situationo Giving your child the correct exposure to various things around him and assuring him that you are around to help him out when in difficulty will prove beneficial in the overcoming of toddler development milestonese Development includes not only speech skills, but also reasoning skills and the ability to coordinate muscular movements and the development of other sensory-motor skillsl

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