14 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

A baby's growth and development will be quite rapid and dramatic during the first year of his life. While some changes are completely predictable, there will be others that are unique to some children. These changes or events that signify the fact that the baby has reached a certain age are known as baby milestones. There are several baby milestones that a child accomplishes even before he reaches the age of one and there are some that he will achieve just after. 14 month baby milestones are the milestones that most babies cross just after their first birthday.


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By the time your baby is 14 months old, he will probably have mastered the act of waving "goodbye". This may seem like a very simple gesture to adults but it really is one of the important 14 month baby milestones as it signifies a definite improvement in the baby's motor skills. Most 14-month olds are capable of rolling a ball back and forth with older children or adults.

Approximately 15% of the toddlers at that age drink primarily out of a cup. Several children become very helpful at that age and are interested in "lending a helping hand" to everyone, in and around the house. Other important 14 month baby milestones include standing independently, stooping down and standing back up again. Another 14 month baby milestones which fascinates children is walking backwards. You may also notice your child learn and use more words, everyday. The fact that your child is beginning to have a clear idea about several things and what he wants becomes evident, especially, when he becomes persistent while trying to achieve them.

Another seemingly cute but extremely exasperating 14 month baby milestone is your child's need to do the opposite of whatever you tell him. You may find yourself saying "No" to your child very often, as forbidden objects and acts seem to have the most allure for him. In order to make life easier and a little stress free, you may find it important to "child-proof" your house or at least make it a little safer for exploration. You can do that by covering plugs, locking low cupboards and keeping fragile items out of the child's reach. In order to distract your child, it may be a good idea to designate a low cabinet for him, filled with toys or other items that he can touch freely. To make things even more interesting, change the contents of the cupboard frequently and allow your child to be "helpful" by cleaning his play area, picking up the toys and placing them neatly and nicely in his cupboard.

One of the most 14 month baby milestones is the child's ability to eat with a spoon. Your child will definitely not have the table manners of an adult and this learning experience may be a bit messy. Your child is not just trying to improve his skills with a spoon; this is the best time for him to explore the textures of various foods with their hands. Don't be surprised or upset if the child gets curious and tries to find out what happens when food is tossed on the floor.

While baby milestones are common for most toddlers, it is important to remember that each child has a unique learning curve and will achieve his milestones, as and when he is ready.

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