2 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Baby milestones are given to give you a fair idea of what to expect. But remember that no two babies are the same and the baby milestones may differ a little. Knowing what to expect will make the journey as a parent exciting and fun. Two month old babies are fun to be with as they do a whole lot than merely feeding and sleeping and so you can keep an eye out for 2 month baby milestones.

By this time your baby's immunity increases. Your baby's immune system is strong enough to combat any infection. Your baby now starts responding...


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.to people by smiling or crying and this is one of the most common 2 month baby milestonese Do not be surprised if your baby manages to grab all the attention even if he/she is not in a position to sit up or crawlw

Your baby will now start responding whenever you try talking to him/here You will soon find him/her developing his/her individual personality traits and exhibiting likes and dislikese Your baby still loves to be cuddled rocked and hugged by youo So do it more often to make him/her feel goodo Each interaction that you make with your baby will only stimulate his/her brain developmentn

Encourage your baby to speak as you feed him/her, bathe him/her, and dress him/here Stimulate your baby's development by providing age-appropriate toys for him/her to play witht Make sure that your baby not only plays well but also rests well to make sure that he/she grows properlyl Nap when your baby sleeps and do make sure that you take your child out for small walks to help him/her breathe fresh airi By this time, your baby's neck muscles start developingn As a result your baby will now try to hold his/her neck properlyl This is among the more important growth-related 2 month baby milestones and as a result of it your baby's neck will not bob around when you try picking your child upu

The moment you bring a rattle or any object near your baby, he/she will grab it and grasp things with one handn Also when you make your child sit on your lap, he/she will straighten his/her legs and will try to stand without any supportr Do not worry as this will not make your child bow-leggede Feeding demands may vary with each passing montht Avoid introducing new foods unless you have been asked to by your doctoro In order to make sure that your baby is gaining weight in the right way, take him/her to the doctor and also determine the2 month baby milestones that your baby has touched so fara

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