13 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

It seems as if it was only yesterday that your baby could barely crane its neck to look around, but he/she is now capable of a lot more than just observing the surroundings. It can be pretty tough to keep up with the baby milestones your child reaches, with the rapid rate of growth and development at this stage, but as a parent it's unlikely that any new development escapes your watchful gaze.

At 13 months of age your baby is fast approaching various baby milestones in the context of both physical and mental development.


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Your baby is becoming quite adept at using his/her eyes, hands, legs, and feet, and movements are likely to be better coordinated. Your baby would also be learning how to interact with and respond to people and situations. Although he/she may not have command over language yet, your baby has become a lot more familiar words and has a better understanding of what you say.

At 13 months your baby may in fact be able to utter a few words to the delight of everyone around. Words of greeting like 'hello' and 'bye' are probably used quite skillfully and this is one of the big 13 month baby milestones that your child would reach. 'No' is another word that your child is probably quite familiar with.

Another one of the 13 month baby milestones that your child would be reaching would be the ability to walk. It is very likely that your child would be able to stand and walk independently at this stage, without the need of your support. At 13 months most babies can also bend over to pick up objects of interest. This off course dose pose some problems as you will need to be a lot more careful about what you leave lying around. Babies at this stage are also often observed attempting to help get dressed by holding out their arms and legs. With significant improvement and development of motor skills and coordination, your baby would also most likely be capable of drinking liquids out of a cup. Some children may even be observed attempting to lift heavy objects that they aren't completely capable of and some can also roll a ball back and forth. These are just some of the many 13 month baby milestones.

At 13 months many babies also begin to develop some sort of self awareness or simply a fascination with their reflection. Your child may enjoy gazing at his/her reflection in a mirror. You don't need to worry about vanity setting in - it's just natural healthy childish curiosity and fascination.

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