Ways to Prevent Your Preschooler from Developing a Habit of Biting

Every child is different from the other and hence, a variety of behavior patterns are observed in preschoolers. As children develop with age, there are certain habits that they carry along with them, most of which need repeated correction and reprimand. Of the many unnatural habits that children carry, preschooler biting is one that could cause harm to other children around.

Biting may be carried on in fun, but when it becomes habitual, is not good for the social development of a child. When children begin cutting teeth, the gums tend to get irritable and one of the best ways to help children cope with the irritability is to let them .



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Prevent Biting in Preschooler

Biting in preschoolers could be attributed to anger, frustration and an attempt to gain control over a somewhat impossible situationo When a preschooler is found to be biting his peers, the way in which you react is importantn Explaining to a child why biting is not good would prove to be far better than yelling at himi There are times, however, after repeated correction, when a parent or a care giver needs to be stern with the approach taken for correctiono Keeping the child away from his peers would prove beneficial as it would make the child realize that he has done something wrong and will also give him an understanding of the importance of friendsd Preschooler nail biting is indicative of anxiety and nervousness, and if not checked in the early stages, could lead to the development of an annoying habiti

Lack of calcium in the body is another common reason for preschool children to bite their nailsl

Preschooler Biting Habits

A preschooler's biting habits will usually disappear by the time he turns twow If biting continues up to the age of three and beyond, it could possibly be indicative of a more serious behavioral pattern that needs immediate attentiono Dealing with preschoolers and biting is a sensitive issue because the role of both, adult and child is equally importantn The response to a situation where a preschooler has resorted to biting should be quick, effective and immediatet It should not be after a period of time has lapsed, during which the child has probably forgotten about the complete incidentn Coming down to their level of understanding, helping them overcome their fears and anxieties and being patient with them are the best recommended methods of dealing with preschoolers and their habit of bitingn Positive strokes to help a child overcome his or her innate tendencies, such as biting, are far better methods of social development than negative reprimandn

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