Toddler Inappropriate Behavior Problems

Children, especially toddlers and young kids, can behave inappropriately. Children behave in frustrating ways because they might be curious, tired, disappointed, and frustrated, and are not able to show their behaviour in the right way.

Thus, to find an outlet to their emotions, they often behave in ways that might be inappropriate. Toddler aggressive behaviour, toddler whining behaviour, and toddler screaming behaviour are some of the behaviour problems that happen with toddlers. Sometimes, children behave in such ways to get attention from parents or other people.


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Toddler's Behaviour Problems 

  • Biting: Toddlers often resort to biting and this is a concern with several parents. While frustration, anger or general irritability could be some of the reasons behind toddlers biting, it should never be encouraged and you should try to prevent this habit.
  • Temper tantrums and brat attacks: You might have seen toddlers screeching and thrashing. Toddlers melting down in midst of a tantrum is also a common phenomenon. If your child is doing this frequently, especially in public places, then you need to explain to the child and stop him from doing this.
  • Teasing: Another toddler behaviour problem that happens is incessant teasing. A group of kids can tease a younger child, and this is hurtful behaviour that isn’t good for the child who is being teased.
  • Isolation: Peer pressure and groups happen from a young age. Sometimes, a small child might be excluded from a peer group. It could happen in pre-school or in the park. This can again hurt the child who is being excluded.

  • Night fears: Children can wake up crying or screaming because of some scary dream or some thought they might have had while sleeping at night or taking a nap in the afternoon.
  • Screeching and screaming: Kids often take pleasure in trying to scream louder than their friends. They play this “who is the loudest” game, which should not be encouraged.
  • Bullying: An older child might bully younger kids. This could happen in a peer group, in a school or within the kids in your social children.
  • Separation anxiety: Some small children might get very worried if they have to stay away from their parents. This happens when they are going to a day care centre or to a play school.
  • Stripping and strutting: Sometimes children like to strip down and walk naked around the house, or might want to do this in front of their peers.
  • Touching privates: Toddlers might touch their own privates because of sheer curiosity. However, this is not behaviour that should be overlooked nor should your be excessively forceful in correcting your child. Remember that a child is always driven by curiosity to learn more.
Toddler Behavior Problems
Toddler Behaviour Problems
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