When did your toddler start having behavior problems?

(March 24, 2010)

Although children are extremely adorable and innocent, dealing with a child that suffers from a number of behavioral problems can be quite a challenge and test a person’s patience significantly. Children are very fond of attention and when they feel that they are not getting the attention they deserve or if they feel that the parents attention is continuously diverted to another object or even child, the jealousy can drive them to taking actions that they know will anger the parents because the attention will then switch back onto them. Some of the more common behavioral problems that toddlers tend to develop include back talking, whining, hitting and biting, throwing tantrums frequently, bedwetting and even substantial sibling rivalry.

Before deciding to imbibe good habits into your child with the help of force, it is important to understand the root causes of the problems. Most children will simply start to react this way because of a lack of attention or discipline while others may develop these tendencies because of feelings of abandonment such as in the case of the death of a parent or even losing their favorite toy. It is important to be able to carefully deal with the whining as this is generally the route that most children will adopt when they want something. If the parent was to ignore the whining, it could further enrage the child – causing further reactions. However, this does not mean that the parent readily gives in to the child’s demands as this will be taken as a sign that if the child were to whine long enough, he or she can get anything they want. The idea is to identify and stick to a balance where, depending on the situation, certain wishes are fulfilled while others are not.

One of the bigger and more concerning problems of toddlers is the tendency to hit any individual that they come in close contact with. It is important to remember that pushing, hitting and grabbing toys are methods that a number of toddlers will use in order to make contact with another before they are able to develop their social skills. However, this does not excuse the fact that it can hurt the targeted individual significantly. The child is likely only to see the situation from its point of view and will develop a mentality where it believes that if a certain activity is something it enjoys, the other participant will definitely enjoy it as well. As a result, it is important for the parents to imbibe an understanding within the child’s mentality where it learns that other individuals may have feelings of disagreement. Since there are so many different types of behavioral problems in children and all of them are unique in that they stem from a different root, it is advisable that you get your child to visit a professional to help curb any anti social behavior while still young.

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