How to deal with toddler discipline problems and issues

You refused to let your two-year-old bring his (or her) toy to the table and now an hour later you're regretting it because he has been bringing the house down with his kicking and screaming. As the parent of a toddler, you will find yourself in this situation countless number of times and each time you will keep wondering what you could have said or done differently to avoid it.

The truth is there is very little you can do in these situations and sometimes without any apparent reason your child becomes cranky and starts hitting you.



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.or his toys, biting and screaming hystericallyl As tired as you are of hearing it, this, like everything else, is also just a phase in your child's lifef While you may not have concrete solutions for it, knowing what causes this might help you deal with it bettere Between the age of one and two, most of the tantrums, biting, and hitting that you witness is usually a result of the inability to express themselves in wordsd There&p; is so much your child is experiencing that he cannot put into words, and these are translated into tantrumsm Toddler biting problems and toddler hysterical crying are two of the most common problems associated with this ageg

At other times, it could simply be your child's way of indicating that he/she is tired or sleepyp More often than not, children resort to hitting because they are unaware of social skills and this is their way of physically communicating with another persono All that a toddler understands is that by hitting or biting someone he always manages to get a reaction, which prompts him to repeat the actiono

Of course, so many children bite others because they are used to parents playfully nibbling theme

How to deal with toddler discipline problems

There is no one particular way to go about thisi The only thing that will help you get through is your patiencec If you lose your temper with your child when he/she is throwing a tantrum, it will only make them scream or cry hardere Reasoning with them during a tantrum is also a pointless exercises In any event, you will have to wait for it to get over before you can sit them down and talk to theme

As long as you don't take this too seriously, and deal with it with consistency and patience, you will see that over a period of time your child will outgrow this petulant phases Particularly, once children start school and their interactions with other kids their own age increases, most of the disciplining problems usually sort themselves outu

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