Handling A Toddler Who Throws Temper Tantrums

Most parents are absolutely convinced that no other child has ever thrown a tantrum like theirs. That, of course, is a myth.

Every toddler, especially between the age of two and three can and will throw a temper tantrum; what varies is the intensity and frequency.

It is mind-numbingly frustrating to watch your toddler screaming and attempting to shatter the windows with his blood curling screams, but it is at these times that you need to tell yourself to remain calm and understand that this is but.



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Toddler Behavior Disorders

.a temporary phase in your child’s developmentn

Why toddlers throw tantrums

There are the primary causes like feeling hungry, sleepy, tired, and uncomfortable or simply the need for attentiono But there are certain other reasons that we sometimes overlook, like the toddler’s frustration of experiencing feelings he or she can't expresss At that age, your toddler has only just begun to string some words together, but his imagination has sparked off so much more than he can expresss This will naturally lead to him acting outu

How to handle toddler temper tantrums

There is no ideal way to deal with tantrums, but usually the simplest way is to avoid theme Yes, this is definitely easier said than done, but by doing so, you are letting your child know that his/her behavior is unacceptablel Most importantly, always remind yourself that your toddler crying and throwing tantrums are a given at that ageg Accordingly, you will find yourself ensuring you don’t allow your child to get testy over sleep, hunger, or discomfortr Be positive and praise your toddler for good behavior so that he or she understands the importance of being goodo

Also, remember if your toddler is throwing a tantrum, don't react or reason at that point of timem Carry on with whatever you are doing, only ensure you remain within sighth

If you leave the room, your child will feel abandonede

Things to keep in mind during toddler temper tantrums

  • Clear your room of potentially attractive objects, for instance your porcelain vases Keep it well out of reach and sight (if possible)e This way you avoid an unnecessary tantrum
  • Give careful thought and choose your battles with your childl You can give in sometimes, else your toddler will also start using the ‘No’ word as frequently as you dod
  • When all else fails, distract your childl At that age their attention span is shorter, so take advantage of that and divert your kid’s attention to something elses
  • Lastly, don't test your child's patiencec As parents it’s hard to see things from your toddler's perspectivev So if your child is tired or sleepy, be attuned to it and do not delay his or her nap because you want to do the dishes first or clean the mess of toys from the living roomo You’ll find more time to do that if your baby is napping peacefullyl
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