Dealing With Common Sleep Tantrums In Toddlers

Bedtime is the most difficult time of the day for most parents. Sufficient amount of rest ensures that the body has time to rejuvenate itself for muscular work to be completed the following day.

Children are full of energy and it is extremely difficult to get them to bed at times. In the event that your toddler has a separate room for himself, it is most commonly the fear of being cut off from the rest of the household that causes toddler bedtime battles. Getting your child into a routine to prepare him or her for bed time is recommended, as it has been known to help in dealing with the fear of separation.


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Toddler Sleeping Tips

Giving your toddler a bath, to help him relax, wishing all the members of the family ‘goodnight’ and then reading him a story before putting him to bed will be a pattern that he soon learns to follow. Leaving the door slightly ajar and putting in a night lamp gives the toddler assurance that someone is looking out for him at all times.

Common Toddler Sleep Tantrums

The most common toddler bedtime problems include your child feeling the presence of a monster in the room when the lights are put out. The most universal reason for arousal of these fears is shadows that form on the wall due to the presence of a night lamp, or because of moonlight that shines in through an open window. Some children may prefer not having a source of light so that no shadows are formed. In such cases, turning down the night lamp or drawing the curtains so that no shadows are formed on the wall may prove beneficial in reducing bedtime problems to a large extent. In case your toddler gets too much sleep during the day, it will become difficult for him or her to sleep at night. Alternately, too little sleep during the day also has its adverse effects.

Toddler bedtime problems can, however, be easily overcome with certain routine practices. Patience and time are two extremely important factors that help your toddler deal with bedtime problems.

Dealing with Toddler Sleep Tantrums

Creating a routine for your toddler’s bedtime should be a combined family effort. The environment should be stress free and comfortable. Consistency in the Toddler Bedtime routine to be followed should be practiced and should neither be too rushed, nor too relaxed. A comforting hug from everyone in the family also prepares your child for bed time, while giving him the assurance that he is cared for. Spending quality time with your toddler by reading a story and tucking him in strengthens the bond between parent and child giving him the reassurance that you are always there for him.

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