Toddler Sleeping Tips

Submitted by Jenifer on January 18, 2012

Most parents find that getting their toddler to sleep is quite a daunting and challenging task. Toddler sleep problems can be resolved by helping your baby relax at bedtime. However any toddler sleeping guide will state that most toddlers tend to respond positively to a consistently followed routine just before going to bed. One of the toddler sleeping tips is to keep the toddler active throughout the day as in most cases toddlers tend to have plenty of energy and hence should be allowed to run around or play in the park to burn some of this energy off so that they are ready to sleep by bed time. Another one of the toddler sleeping...


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.techniques is to try and choose or set a bedtime that is realistic for the toddlere While doing so, toddlers who almost fall asleep in their dinner plate should be allowed to sleep at an earlier bedtime whereas a toddler who seems to be quite active even towards 7 pm in the evening should be allowed to go to bed latere

The key to the toddler sleeping techniques being successful is to ensure that the bedtime is maintained at the same time every daya

Another one of the toddler sleeping instructions that most mothers and parents can follow is to adjust the time and the length of the naps so that the child does not sleep excessively during the day which may result in him not being sleepy at night during bed time or may also result in poor quality of sleepe Toddler sleeping tips also include commencing the standard bedtime routine immediately after the child has finished with his dinner and then gradually lead up to the bedtime of the childl This routine may include a bath, a video, telling a bedtime story and then brushing teeth before the child eventually goes to sleepe One of the toddler sleeping tips is to create a soothing, peaceful and secure sleeping environment for the child which will help the child get sound sleepe The child may also be allowed to take his favourite toy, blanket or any such object that he is attached to which will help him in sleeping welll Toddler sleeping techniques are successful only if they are consistently followed and if the parent is able to set clear boundaries and adhere to theme The child should not be able to extend the sleep routine by begging for another bedtime story or another bedtime snack and should instead know that once the lights go off they should go to sleepe

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