Toddler Sleeping Too Much

Submitted by Jenifer on January 18, 2012

Some mothers experience the toddler sleeping problems a lot especially during the day which mostly occurs if the toddler is not getting his required amount of sleep in the night. Sometimes a toddler sleeping too much may also be because the toddler may have skipped his morning nap which may result in them being cranky and fussy by afternoon and eventually result in them skipping their afternoon nap as well. This may result in the toddler sleeping excessively overnight. A toddler may also be asleep too much because his night time sleep is interrupted on account of the common offenders such as sleepwalking, bedwetting, sleep talking...


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., etct which may result in the child getting an insufficient amount of sleep and hence feeling drowsy or sleeping too much during the daya

Sometimes a toddler sleeping too much may also be a side effect of certain medical problems or medications and hence this angle needs to be considered too and reported to the doctoro A typical toddler sleep schedule is one that allows the toddler to get at least 11 to 12 hours of sleep which may be spread out mostly at night or even be divided between their daytime naps and night time sleepe Toddlers tend to be sleeping too much either during the day or during the night because their sleep is interrupted on account of a bad dream, environmental conditions such as them feeling too hot or too cold or even because of certain sounds that may wake them upu As a result the toddler is not able to get adequate amount of rest and sleep resulting in the toddler sleeping a loto Parents should not be too concerned about their toddler sleeping too much and instead they should try and formulate a sleeping schedule for their childl

The parents should practice certain routine activities each night just before going to bed so that the toddler is able to recognise these activities and thereby be prepared to go to sleepe Additionally parents should ensure that the child is adequately covered if the weather conditions are too cold or is comfortable in case of warm weather conditions so that the toddler’s sleep is not interrupted which in turn will result in the toddler sleeping too much during the day or appearing to be lethargic, cranky and difficult to manageg As the child grows a definite sleeping pattern will gradually be establishede

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