When does it go beyond "just a toddler tantrum" and "toddler behavior"?

(April 19, 2010)

Toddlers can be extremely entertaining at times, while at others, they are capable of driving you around the bend. Most toddler tantrums are thrown so that they get the attention they desire, or can twist either parent into giving them something that they crave at that particular moment in time. Toddler tantrums include screaming or yelling, rolling around on the ground or even becoming violent from time to time. In most cases, the screaming and yelling puts a certain amount of strain on the diaphragm, which in turn leads to a bout of vomiting or choking.

Toddler tantrums that are given in to, will soon lead to the formation of habit and will tend to become a part of the child’s regular behavior. There are instance when parents will give in to all their toddler’s tantrums just so that they avoid all the public embarrassment caused by tantrum throwing toddlers. Disciplining your child at an early age is extremely necessary, because it sets the bar for acceptable and unacceptable behavior, whether at home or in the company of other people. Children will treat parents like elastic bands of material, stretching them to see how far they will go before breaking. Although it is healthy to give your toddler certain allowances at times, the extent of these allowances is completely dependent upon the parent and is also circumstantial.

It is recommended that parents reprimand their children whenever necessary, keeping in mind the fact that the punishment given should fit the offence. There are times when children say something out of the way that causes a lot of embarrassment to parents. At such a juncture, scolding the child with a harsh tone is uncalled for, and your displeasure can be put forth to the child in a more stern, but mild manner. There are times when parents feel the need to use physical force to aid in correcting a child for some wrong doing. Although it definitely makes the child aware of the wrong doing, the extent of the force used should be minimal and only when required. When giving children a light tap to reinforce the correction given, parents should either give them a light tap on the hand or on the buttock. These areas of the body will absorb the shock easily and prevent any serous damage, as compared to when a child is given a tap on the head or the back. Remember that sorting out your toddler tantrum issues will involve certain disciplinary measures that need to be taken, and as a parent, you should stand firm by the decision that you have made.

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