What Causes Screaming Tantrums In Toddlers

A toddler screaming at night is a definitive sign of a tantrum that is being thrown to draw your attention. Other common causes for a child to throw a tantrum are hunger, tiredness or some form of discomfort. Since they are unable to express themselves in the same way that an adult would, the only way for them to draw attention is by screaming. The other probable causes that you need to rule out are the possibility of ear aches and nightmares that your child experiences. Most children throw tantrums between the ages of one and three. Tantrums are thrown in many different forms and include screaming, kicking, holding one’s breath and hitting. Just before a toddler will throw a tantrum...


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... there are certain signs that you need to look out for which keep you warned about the forthcoming tantrum, thereby helping you to handle the situation with ease.

Reasons for Toddler Screaming Tantrums

It is heartbreaking for parents when their toddler wakes up screaming. However, determining the root cause of this kind of outburst will help to ease the situation and help your child overcome any discomfort that is being felt. While disciplining a toddler who throws frequent tantrums, it is imperative that you remain consistent with the form of reinforcement wherever you are. Any variation will indicate that certain forms of behavior are acceptable at certain times under certain circumstances. Aside from indicating to your toddler that there will be consequences to face for improper behavior, it also wards off other people around who are ready to jump in to give their advice on how you should raise your child. It is important to keep in mind the fact that your toddler’s demands should not be given in to, for the simple reason that the practice will soon become a habit. When a child knows that he can have his way by throwing a tantrum, what better way is there for him to get things done?

A toddler screaming in pain is another heartbreaking sound for a parent to face, and could be caused, as mentioned earlier, by earache. Getting your child’s ears checked by a specialist will rule out the possibility of any middle ear infection that often cause excruciating pain and discomfort. A toddler that has just started to walk may experience sore muscles in his legs, especially his calves. Rubbing down the legs with oil will reduce the pain and ease the tension on the muscles, thereby giving your toddler much relief.

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