Toddler Growth Spurts Chart

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Toddler growth takes place at an amazing pace and you soon begin to wonder where all the time has been lost, while watching your baby grow into a strong child. With the process of growth come growth spurts that are experienced by all children. Toddler growth spurts are sometimes painful and children need comforting from time to time. A toddler growth spurt is caused by the changing of the skeletal system, giving the body its shape and size. The most common toddler growth spurt symptoms include immense pain felt in the limbs because of the process of growth. Read more on baby growth spurts and baby growth chart


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Typical Baby Growth Spurts

Toddler growth spurt charts are available at every book or medical store and they are of great help in assessing the amount of growth that has been experienced by your toddler. They are also used as a tool to check the percentile of growth that your toddler lies in, taking into consideration his or her age and birth weight in to consideration. The most common toddler growth spurt signs are the ones most traditionally used.

You notice that your child has outgrown certain items of clothing, indicating that growth has taken place. The pain felt in the limbs, especially at night, are indicative of the process of growth that is taking place.

Typical toddler growth spurts can be rather painful and cause the toddler a certain amount of discomfort. Parents may be required to massage the legs and hands to relieve a certain amount of the pain. Besides this, giving the toddler a hot water bath can also help to soothe some of the discomfort being experienced as the child grows. One of the most important things during toddler development that parents should keep in mind is the fact that at times, such as these, children need moral support and comforting more than anything else in the world. They haven’t a clue about why they are experiencing such pain, and assuring them that all will be well, will work wonders. Giving them enough time for rest and allowing them to stretch out their hands and legs will relieve a certain amount of the pain. Massaging their bodies down with soothing oils is another effective way of easing the discomfort being experienced. Children need time for rest and should be given an ample amount of time to do so, thereby enabling their bodies to relax and grow without any complications, such as extreme pain and fatigue.

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