Baby Growth During Pregnancy

By Kieth | November 29, 2011
Baby Growth During Pregnancy

It is fascinating to learn about baby growth during pregnancy. The sheer beauty of the process instills marvel and curiosity. During the three trimesters of the pregnancy, the embryo grows and develops into a fully formed baby. The use of a baby growth chart during pregnancy is very helpful, as it allows you to monitor the various changes taking place in your baby. There are three stages of baby growth during pregnancy. They are known as trimesters and each stage consists of three months. Baby growth during pregnancy week by week is gradual, and brings about several physical and behavioral changes in the new mother.  The first trimester comprises of the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. The second trimester comprises of weeks 13 to 25, and the third trimester continues from week 26 to week 40, and ends with the birth of the baby. In the first trimester, a single cell–the fertilized egg– grows and develops so rapidly, that by the end of the period all the internal organs are  well formed.  The baby grows in size to about 3 inches at the end of the trimester, and therefore this is the most crucial time. Baby growth during pregnancy in the first trimester also includes development of the eyes, ears, fingers, toes and genitals.

In the second trimester, the baby slowly starts resembling a newborn. During this time the facial features continue to develop and the head and body become more proportionate. The baby may also perform movements such as sucking the thumb, swallowing and even making facial expressions. The bones become firmer and there is growth of fine hair known as lanugo all over the body. Another interesting development during this stage is the formation of sleep patterns in the baby. Development which occurs during the last trimester is aimed at making the baby capable of survival on its own. The brain, lungs and other internal organs reach maturation and the bones are also developed fully. The baby can now open and shut the eyes, and is also sensitive to light. A baby is considered to have reached full term at 37 weeks. The weight of the baby will have increased and there is also plenty of fat accumulation across the body. The baby will take on a head down position during these last few weeks in preparation for delivery.

As development takes place in the baby, the mother too will go through some changes as her body prepares to accommodate and encourage development in the womb.

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