Common Infant Growth Spurts

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Your baby experiences accelerated growth during infancy. Never in their life will your children grow as rapidly as they do immediately after birth. The common infant growth spurts will flummox you, since you would perhaps not be able to set a breastfeeding schedule. It is common knowledge that during their growth spurts, your infant would be hungrier and crankier. As soon as you set up a feeding and sleeping schedule, the infant may have grown up a little more, and it would be time to change your schedule one again. Nevertheless, even if you get tired, know that keeping your body healthy to produce enough milk...


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Baby Growth Spurts

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To understand the common infant growth spurts, you may have to refer to the infant growth spurts chartr

Different babies will experience their growth spurts differentlyl However, there are some generalities that can help you expect the baby growth spurts and prepare yourself for them in advancec The infant growth spurts timeline are usually not written in stonen However, most infants experience their first and most remarkable growth spurt at the age of one weeke Once this spurt is over, the next spurt should be expected when the baby is about three weeks oldl The third of the common infant growth spurts can be observed when the infant is six weeks oldl The subsequent spurts come at three months and six months oldl

During this period, your baby may remain hungryr The common baby growth spurts should see your baby multiplying three times in size by the time they are one year oldl The baby becomes three times bigger, and gains three times as much weighth The growth usually happens in very intense bursts, which may be extremely shortr During the few days, when the baby is experiencing a growth spurt, life for the mother can be quite challengingn Yet, once the growth spurt is through, you will be able to get back to your life rather quicklyl

During this period, make sure that your baby develops a healthy sleep cyclel Apart from that, it is also important for your baby to be well fede You may have to rethink your own nutrition in order to ensure that you lactate enough to meet the needs of your ever growing babyb A healthy sleep cycle is also necessary as the baby will grow more during sleepe

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