3 Month Old Baby Growth Spurt

Submitted by Nick on January 16, 2012

It is quite common for a three month old baby growth spurt to occur. Before we go onto the signs of a 3 month old baby growth spurt, it is necessary to understand what exactly a growth spurt is. There will be several growth spurts during your baby's first year. The most obvious symptom of growth spurts are cluster feedings. This is when the baby nurses several times, close together. For instance, if your baby used to feed regularly after every 3 hours and suddenly wants to eat more frequently, it is likely that your baby is going through a growth spurt and needs more food. The many growth spurts a baby go through during the first...


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...year accounts for the dramatic changes in height and weight between the time it is born and by the time it is a year old. Babies have some typical ages where they go through growth spurts. Do remember, however, that each baby is different and if your baby does not have a growth spurt at the times give below, do not get unduly alarmed. A growth spurt at any time is considered normal. The growth spurts affect a nursing mum the most, but will affect the feeding schedule of every infant, whether on breast or bottle. Some babies grow in obvious growth spurts in which they do not gain weight in a week or two and then gain a lot of weight over a few days. The first growth spurt usually occurs when the baby is between 7 and 10 days old. The next typical age for a growth spurt is 6 weeks. Next is the 3 month old baby growth spurts. This is followed by growth spurts at 6 months and 9 months. Once again, these are approximate ages and there is no need for concern if the baby is growing properly and is healthy as well.

So if you notice that your 3 month old is suddenly not sleeping through the night or starts to awaken earlier or is hungrier, remember that these are signs of your 3 month old newborn's growth spurt. Your baby may be around 3 months or 4 months old when you start to feel that he/she needs something more solid than breast milk or formula. Do check with your pediatrician before you start solids at this time. A growth spurt is common during the 3-4 months of age and this may be all that your baby is going through. You may find that your 3 month old baby growth spurt makes your baby eat non stop, as he/she did when he/she was a newborn. These cluster feedings that once again accompany your 3 month old baby's growth spurt are a sign of her increased hunger and not a sign to add solid foods to his/her diet. Also remember that while newborn sleeping habits are varied, changes in the more or less regular pattern your baby has established, by the time he/she is three months, is another sign of a 3 month old infant growth spurt. See also baby growth chart

The typical length of a 3 month old baby growth spurt is usually 2-3 days but it can last for up to a week. If the growth spurt lasts longer and you are a nursing mum, you will have to make sure that you are eating and drinking enough fluids to compensate for the additional feedings. The most important point you must keep in mind during a growth spurt is to follow the baby's lead. Feed the baby when he/she is hungry. Growth spurts are less frequent after the first year, but they still occur into the toddler years and adolescence.

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