How long do baby growth spurts last?

(April 1, 2011)

Many first time mothers are keen on knowing how long do baby growth spurts last. One should bear in mind that growth spurts are important part of the physical growth and maturation of the baby and hence are referred to as developmental milestones.  Those women who are keen on knowing how long do newborn growth spurts last, they should first be able to recognize the baby growth spurts signs and symptoms. One of the most commonly observed baby growth spurt symptom is cluster feeding or an increase in the appetite of the baby. This is mostly seen in the baby being hungrier than usual and constantly wanting to be breast fed. The baby who has been introduced so some jarred food will also want to eat more of such foods, along with the breast milk. Similarly another one of the baby growth spurts symptoms for those who are keen on knowing how long to toddler growth spurt lasts, is that the baby will be seen sleeping for more hours than usual and will usually wake up more often on account of being hungry. As a result of which the baby will also be crankier. To know how long do baby growth spurts last, it has been observed that baby growth spurts may last just for 2 – 3 days at a time but in some cases they may even last for a couple of weeks. Baby growth spurts are more prominent during the first year that too more so during the first few weeks and will gradually decrease in frequency towards the end of the year. Newborn growth spurts are also known as frequency days  and will very often leave the mother tired and exhausted on account of the increased feeding and the reduction in the hours of sleep.  One should also remember that growth spurts do not completely stop after the baby has completed a year. In fact growth spurts are observed every few months during the baby’s toddler years and then will occur on a periodic basis through the child’s teenage years. One of the ways to handle the baby growth spurts is to put the baby back against the same breast that she just nursed off and in most cases the baby will fall off to sleep even before it completely finishes nursing. Alternatively, if the mother is sure that the baby is fed well then the bay can also be taken for a short stroll.

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