Infant Growth Spurt Chart

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Babies tend to grow fast at certain times and then continue to grow steadily until they next spurt in growth. Most babies tend to lose some weight a day or two after birth, but regain it within the first fortnight. Growth spurts seem to occur at three weeks, six weeks, three months, and at six months in most infants. Infant growth spurt charts are used to monitor the growth of a child's physical attributes, recording the weight and length of the baby and the circumference of its head from the day of its birth to the age of three years. The data obtained is plotted on a toddler growth spurt chart so that the child's pediatrician...


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.can compare the baby's development with those of babies in the same age groupu Analyzing children growth spurt charts over a span of time helps to pinpoint the phases in which rapid growth is seene

Charts of children of the same age allow comparison of one child's physical development with that of the rest of the population by using the infant growth spurt calculatoro

The infant growth spurt calculator uses details of the baby's weight, length, and age to determine the percentile value that reveals how the child has developed in comparison to other children of a similar age, weight, and lengtht A growth percentile value of above 50 means that the baby in question has done better than half the children in that age group have donen Regularly updating a newborn's growth spurts chart is vital in order to quickly spot any changes in the pattern of growtht For example, if a child who has remained in the 50th percentile all through the first year of its life moves to the 20th percentile, it would mean that the infant is not growing as well as the other children of its ageg The reasons for this change could be anything from a parasite infestation to a vitamin deficiencyc For premature babies born say one month before term, the comparison is always made with babies a month younger to see if the relevant milestones in growth have been achievede

Along with the growth percentile calculator, doctors also take into account other factors such as the build of the parents, the child's race, and whether the baby is breast fed or bottle fed, because all these have an impact on the baby's growtht Typically, babies going through a growth spurt appear to be hungry more often or appear to be dissatisfied after nursing or a bottle feede

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