Growth Spurts of a Newborn Baby

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

One of the surest signs that your baby is hungry is when it suddenly begins to seek more attention and ask for more food. Almost as soon as you establish a breast feeding schedule, your baby may begin to feel hungry and demand for food at different times. A newborn baby's growth spurts, which become more frequent as the baby grows, will see you feeding the baby at all times during the day. Some babies feel so hungry that they begin demanding food after every hour.

In fact, this incessant need to have more food will leave you wondering...


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Common Infant Growth Spurts

.if your body is capable of producing as much milk as your baby requirese During the first year itself, your baby will experience five newborn baby growth spurtsa

These newborn kids growth spurts will keep changing their feeding times and napping times, and just as you get used to a particular schedule, the baby will have experienced the next spurt, and it would be time for setting a new schedule altogethere

Babies experiencing newborn baby growth spurts often behave as if they are not getting enough of milkl However, that is not the cases Growth spurts can happen anytime during the first year, but there are no standardized rules regarding thisi It is usually very easy to recognize newborn baby growth spurts, and when you do, make sure your baby has enough to eata

When your baby is very young, the body works very hard to grow biggere By the time your baby is one year old, it may have tripled its weight and have grown considerably in size as welll These growth spurts last for a few days and are short intense bursts of growtht Babies experience very drastic changes in their height during this timem

Some way to tell when your baby is are experiencing neonatal baby growth spurts is when the baby begins to eat nonstop and changes its sleeping patternsn The baby howls during the day and even the nighth It seems hungry all the time and would be a lot crankier as welll The late nights usually disturb the baby's moods as the baby demands to be fed late at night as welll

During this time, to keep up with the newborn baby growth spurts, you may have to increase your own nutritional intake so as to produce more milk so that you can meet the baby's demandsd Your own mood may get crankier because along with the baby, you would also be getting insufficient sleepe However, do not think of giving up breastfeeding just yete Newborn toddler growth spurts are rather brief, and your baby needs all the nutrition it can possibly get to grow healthyh

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