Newborn Baby Soothing Ideas

By Ashley | December 4, 2009
Newborn Baby Soothing Ideas

Ideas to Soothe your Newborn Baby Crying

A crying newborn baby can easily be one of the most distressing sounds that a mother could hear. However, it is not difficult to soothe a crying infant, but the most important fact to be kept in mind is that the parent should stay calm at all times. Keeping calm ensures that you, as a parent, do not elevate the stress levels of your baby by becoming hysterical over something that can be brought under control without much difficulty. It is essential to bear in mind that a baby can sense anxiety based on the heartbeat of the person carrying him or her.

One of the most common causes of crying in babies is discomfort caused by a wet or soiled diaper. Checking the baby’s diaper and changing it if required, should help to soothe your baby to a certain extent. Another common cause for a newborn baby to start crying is because he or she is hungry. Offering your baby the bottle should help to soothe him or her down. In the event that your child begins to cry after having had his feed, it is quite possible that a gas bubble has developed inside the stomach, which tends to cause a lot of discomfort. Carrying your baby while rubbing his back will cause the child to belch, thereby releasing the gas bubble and easing any discomfort that is felt. In the event that a newborn baby is unwell, the only way that the child is able to express himself, is through crying. Check for elevated temperature and then do your best to make your baby as comfortable as possible. In the case of illness, consulting your pediatrician is recommended so as to prevent complications.

There are a number of methods that have been recommended to soothe a newborn baby. Sometimes, just holding a child will comfort him. Knowing that you are around to keep him safe will immediately given your child the needed reassurance. The way you hold your child is also important in trying to soothe him. If your child is uncomfortable with the way you are carrying him or her, there are chances that they will start crying relentlessly. Distracting him with a rattle is also useful in soothing a baby. Talking to your child in a calm voice, singing or humming a tune to your baby will also prove beneficial as it strengthens the bond between parent and child. Taking a baby for a walk or a stroll, in a perambulator, is known to calm down and soothe the child within a matter of minutes. Besides this, fresh air is always good for both, parent and child. Sometimes, just placing your crying baby in his crib will help him to calm down within a few minutes.

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