Food ideas for 15 month old?

(June 1, 2010)

Toddler Food Ideas

At 15 months, a toddler usually has 6 teeth, 4 upper ones, and 2 on the lower gum. At this age, they have probably been introduced to solid foods for quite a few months. In the first few months, when they had no teeth, they could manage only mashed or pureed foods. But once they begin teething, toddlers usually prefer foods which they can chew a little. They also want a greater variety in taste, texture and color. Many mothers find it very difficult to come up with new ideas every day.

Well, here are a few food ideas, which will keep your 15 month toddler happy.

Fruits. Toddlers can be given fruits of all kinds. Cut up grapes or strawberries into smaller bite-sized pieces. Mashed bananas and applesauce are great favorites. Just slice an apple, boil and puree it. Thin slices of apple are also loved by children. You can also offer oranges, kiwi, blueberries, pears, or prunes.

Another way of serving fruit is to make them into smoothies, with milk or yogurt.

Vegetables. You can serve vegetables to a 15 month toddler in various ways. You  can serve them raw – for example thin slices of carrots, cabbage or cucumbers or wedges of tomatoes. Or you can try steaming or boiling vegetables, or making them into soups. Try giving your toddler zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, asparagus, Brussels sprouts or pumpkin. Boiled and mashed potatoes, livened with some butter and cheese is another good idea.

Eggs. Most children are fond of eggs, and you can cook them in various ways. You can scramble them or make an omelet. You can boil them and mash them. You can beat an egg with a little milk, dip a piece of bread into and fry lightly to make a French toast.

Pasta and rice. Most toddlers love pasta. You can try different preparations like macaroni and cheese, noodles with shredded vegetables, ravioli or tortillas stuffed with spinach, spaghetti mixed with some minced meat. You can mix them in a tomato or cream sauce to make it more appetizing. Most children also love rice. You can add shredded vegetables to it, to make a pilaf – this is tasty and nutritious.

Meat. A toddler can usually manage minced meat or sausages. You can make it into soup or meatballs.

Waffles, pancakes, sandwiches and cereals in milk are other tasty options.
Your toddler may eat something with great relish one day, and turn away from it the next day. They may also eat just a spoonful or so. The idea is to offer a variety of foods and never force them.

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