Baby Time Capsule Ideas and Suggestions

Baby time capsules are a fantastic way of literally freezing time for many years to come. All those years later, when the baby time capsule is unsealed, you have this precious glimpse into what life was like back when your child was born. Baby time capsule ideas include your baby’s first security blanket, a good newspaper highlighting headlines of important news articles from the day, currency, that adorable first pair of shoes and so on.

It’s all about what you wish to gather and preserve in that baby time capsule. The box or container that will serve as your baby’s time capsule should be durable enough to last for the time period you have in mind.


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A typical date set for bringing out that baby time capsule would be his or her 18th or 21st birthday. It can be an emotional and laughter filled experience, after you have successfully maintained that capsule for so long. Other baby time capsule ideas include pictures of mom, dad and baby in various outfits, that first pacifier, bills dealing with baby items and a full list of baby birth details like time and infant weight. Such a capsule could also include the parents’ hopes and predictions for the future such as possible vocations for the little one and speculation about what college rates will be like.

Baby Time Capsule Ideas

Baby time capsules are not just for the infant alone. Even parents are amazed by how life and times have changed since the day the baby time capsule had been sealed. For them, it’s akin to revisiting history. Such time capsules also make great gifts.

If you have good friends who’ve just delivered or perhaps a godchild in mind, you could take the initiative and make such a capsule. Baby shower time capsule ideas include hosting a shower and asking guests to bring something small to add to the time capsule. Remember that you need not use all the articles and tokens brought by the baby shower guests. You could help guests by offering time capsule suggestions on the invites you send out. The baby shower can revolve around the theme of time of memories. Don’t forget to capture that shower with plenty of photos and videos. You could add these photographs, mounted on card paper or laminated, with little notes, to capture the party itself. Remember that time capsules revolve around memories so it’s what defines that time period that makes a valuable addition to the capsule.

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Baby Time Capsule
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