Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

A baby shower is usually celebrated before the arrival of a new baby. It is generally hosted by a close friend or a family member. It is an occasion where the expectant mother is showered with gifts and love, hence the name. Baby showers originated in the late 18th century. One of the most important parts of a baby shower is the theme. Baby shower themes for girls include an angel theme, a princess theme and commonly, the color pink. In the latter’s case, everything will be pink – the invitations, the decorations, the food, the favors and so on. Choosing the right theme is essential for a baby shower as it sets the whole tone for the shower.


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The main focus at a baby shower is to give gifts that the parents can use for the new baby. Some people prefer to have a baby shower after the birth of the baby. This is helpful because the gifts are then sex specific and can be more personalized by having the baby’s name and date of birth on it.

At a baby shower it is necessary to provide favors if you are having games. Some ideas for baby shower girl favors are pink baby bottles filled with candies, baby booties, bun in the oven scented candles, a stork with a baby bundle and so on.

Once you decide on your guest list you will need to send out baby shower invitations. The invitation should include all particulars about the shower, including what the theme is. You can even incorporate the theme into your invitation. The invitation should be sent 4-6 weeks before the shower and should include:-

  • Name of the guest of honor
  • Date, time and place
  • Whether the shower is a surprise
  • RSVP date/phone number/RSVP card

If the mother to be has registered for gifts, mention the gift registry information on the card. You can either make the cards yourself or buy printed ones. There are several options available online too. See also baby shower invitation ideas

Now that you have the invitation ready, send it off and start planning the baby shower. Here are some baby shower ideas for you. Decide on the location. Most baby showers are held at home but can also be outdoors at a nearby park or at a restaurant. Choose the party’s theme and arrange everything else related to the shower accordingly. The theme if pink for a girl should be incorporated in the invites, the games, the baby shower cakes and even the decorations. The menu needs to be planned as well. Finger foods and bakery foods are good options.

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