Baby Shower Themes for Twins

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

A baby shower is a fantastic way of celebrating the miracle of life. Traditionally, a baby shower was thrown before the birth of a first child, to share experiences and advice on bringing up a little baby. The mother to be was showered with gifts meant for the little baby, usually including the bare essentials that the baby would need, thus minimizing the load on the expectant parents. Over the years, it has become a practice to throw a baby shower for consecutive pregnancies as well. In some cases, the recent arrival of a baby may also be celebrated with a baby shower. The addition of a baby to a family is an enormous event and larger than that...


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.is the arrival of twow Since a baby shower is such an important event, every aspect of it is crucial and no parent would like to leave any stone unturned to ensure that it is memorablel

Baby shower invitations are the first step in ensuring a good baby showere An ultrasound picture of the twins could be used to personalize an invitet Alternately, a theme could be followed right through the whole celebrationo Knowing the gender of your babies would make deciding on a theme easiere The color blue generally indicates a boy and pink indicates a girlr If the gender of the babies is not known, going with a neutral color such as lavender, lemon or pale green is suitablel If the twins include a boy and a girl, using a mixture of pale pink and sky blue could be a good ideae

With regard to pictorial themes, there a numerous baby shower invitation ideas for twinsn Noah’s Ark is a recommended baby shower theme for twins as the famous biblical story had two of each kindn The theme could be built around a pair of twins in an ark, surrounded by joyful animated creaturese Similarly, a peapod with two tiny babies would also be a good idea to work witht You could also opt for a tired looking stork carrying in a heavy bundle with two smiling babies in iti A picture of two babies peeping from either side of a cloud or cuddled together on a cloud cushion would also look attractivev Balloons, booties and prams are other ideas common to both gendersr At times, it may not be easy to get all the stuff required for the party in a particular themem It is absolutely fine to stick to a general color scheme as this is quite easy, and incorporate the picture only where possiblel

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