Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

A baby shower is a wonderful way of celebrating the pending or recent arrival of a little angel into the world. In actuality, a baby shower was thrown for expectant mothers, the intention being to share experiences and wisdom with regard to bringing up a baby. Essentials for a newborn are gifted to the mother to be. However, in some parts of the world, it is considered unlucky to have a celebration in honor of the baby before he or she is born. Thus, baby showers, after the arrival of the little one, are becoming increasingly common. The baby shower is generally given by a close relative or friend but there are no hard and fast rules regarding...


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.the samem Since the arrival of a baby is such a miraculous event, expectant parents would love to have a memorable baby showere

Most people like to stick to a particular themem Hence, selecting a theme before starting the preparations is essential so as to avoid delay and confusiono

Since a baby shower is to celebrate the baby, all focus must be on the babyb Baby shower themes for boys could begin with selecting the color schemem For boys, the generally chosen color is blueu A sky background or an ocean background is ideal for this purpose as there are so many things that can be incorporated with this in mindn A stork flying in carrying a baby wrapped in white and blue, a baby floating by with the help of a bunch of helium balloons, an airplane, a toy train and an animated car are among several baby shower invitation ideas that can be worked around using a sky for a backgroundn A baby snoozing on a cloud cushion or hopping from cloud to cloud also makes a cute picture to go with for a themem Similarly, an underwater scene with a baby cradled in an oyster shell or arriving on the back of a friendly dolphin are also fun to work aroundn

Being a formal invitational party, baby shower invitations play a vital rolel The theme decided on for the décor can be used for the invite as welll Alternatively, a picture of the baby’s ultrasound can also be used to personalize the invitation cardr A CD with a clip of the little baby’s ultrasound video with a suitable background track is a good idea for a baby shower mementot The parents could record a personalized appreciation message, verse or poem on the CD as welll If the baby is already born, a photograph of the little baby or a personalized bookmark, calendar or mug with photographs of the baby are suitablel

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