What are the main characteristics of a toddler boy?

(April 19, 2010)

The birth of a child is definitely one of the most wonderful experiences for any parent. During the pregnancy, however, most parents develop ideas of how they would like to bring up their baby. Mothers most often have the hope that a daughter will be born to her, one that she can dress up and try out so many different activities with. Toddler boys, on the other hand, are the toddlers that they are wary of, not knowing how energetic they will be or how much trouble they will give during the developmental stages.

Other than the physical features, there are certain typical characteristics that toddler boys are blessed with. Though facial features may look rather effeminate during the early stages, and this is sometimes accentuated by parents’ who would like to grow their toddler’s hair, you always know the difference between a boy toddler and a girl toddler in the way that they behave. A female toddler is always more caring and more gentle than a male toddler. Boy toddlers are more rough and energetic when they are around other toddlers. Typical to the male species, boy toddlers are comparatively more independent, less emotional and would rather be doing their own thing instead of being showered with love and affection.

Built the way they are, boy toddlers will tend to hurt themselves more frequently than girl toddlers, but deal with their injuries very differently as compared to girls. A female toddler may seek attention from an adult that is around, while a boy toddler may feel the pain for a while and then show off his injury to the people around as though he has achieved something really worthwhile. Although boy toddlers show complete disinterest when it comes to love and affection, they can be more loving and affectionate than girls and are more receptive to correction than girl toddlers too. Most toddler boys will try and emulate their fathers. The way they walk, their behavior and mannerisms are primarily picked up based on what they have seen the father doing. Toddlers learn from imitation, and therefore it is necessary for fathers to instill in their boy toddlers, the right values from early stages in their lives. Though boy toddlers may refrain from emotional break downs regularly, it is important that a parent lets them know that it is alright for boys to cry too. Allowing them to keep their emotions pent up inside is unhealthy and will lead to socio development complications sooner or later.

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