When to potty train baby?

(April 14, 2011)

Right from the time that a baby is born, the parents try their best to teach him or her several things, like turning over, playing with certain toys, moving around and so on. Some parents may also want to crate train a baby. Baby potty training seems to be one task that most parents dread. However a lot of baby experts claim that trying to potty train a baby need not be much more difficult than trying to litter train baby bunnies. What is required by all the parents though, is a lot of patience, dedication and the perseverance to continue, regardless of minor accidents. Moreover, it is also important to train the baby at the right time, as starting too early or too late could make the task all the more difficult. Parents are generally advised to read the potty train baby signs, so that they can know when to potty train the baby.

When to potty train baby boys?

It is not possible for a child to have bladder control, at least till the age of 13 months and so therefore, most children do not respond to attempts at potty training before that. Hence, parents should only initiate the training process after the child has entered the 18th month. If the right approach is taken, baby boys can be fully potty trained by the age of two. However, studies reveal that boys usually take a bit longer to get potty trained and therefore, some boys may get potty trained only by the time that they are three years old.

When to potty train baby girls?

Parents usually start potty training girls at an earlier age, as compared to boys. Most girls can begin the training process by the age of 14 or 15 months, to that they are at least partially potty trained by the time they are 18 months old.

The tips on when to potty train a baby that have been mentioned above are only basic guidelines and are not always applicable towards all babies. There have been numerous instances of babies being potty trained before having completed 18 months, whereas several babies may take a bit longer. In fact, several young parents start potty training their children, right from the time that they are three months old. However, older children have better bladder control and reduced instances of accidents. In case a baby does not seem to respond appropriately, to a parent’s attempts at potty training, it may be best to consult a pediatrician.

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