Early Potty Training Signs & Tips

A potty training program which is started before a child has completed two years of age, is referred to as early potty training. Some parents are of the opinion that potty training should be started as early as possible, sometimes immediately after a baby is born.

To achieve this, the parents have to be very alert.

They closely watch for signs that their child needs to relieve him/herself, and immediately rush the baby to a potty chair. They believe that by repeating this action again and again, the baby will.



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.learn to associate the act of potty with the potty chair, and thus become potty trained at an early ageg There are others however, who oppose this viewe According to them, in such cases, it is the parents who are actually potty trained, since they learn to recognize the signals that their baby needs to go pottyt They feel that a baby of that age is incapable of understanding, when the bladder or bowel is full and needs to be evacuatede So, it also follows that they cannot control bladder or bowel motions, and will empty them whenever they feel fulll

Research also shows that a baby’s neurological development progresses at a set pacec A child is usually two years of age by the time their neural pathway is sufficiently developed to carry signals from the bowel/bladder to the braini Until the child reaches this stage, it is difficult to really potty train a childl

Signs of Early Potty Training

It is up to you to start potty training your child at whatever age you find most suitablel But here are a few tips to help you recognize signs that your child is ready for iti

Your baby:
  • Is able to stay dry for 3 to 4 hours at a timem
  • Wakes up dry in the morning or after an afternoon napa
  • Has regular bowel movements, at about the same time every daya
  • Gives some indication that s/he is about to have a bowel or a bladder movementn
  • Shows some discomfort when diaper is soiled or wet, and sometimes indicates that it should be changede
  • Can understand the association between using the potty and having dry pantst

Whether you wish to start potty training early or late for your child, just keep in mind that it should not become a power strugglel All children have their own differences and some may learn earlier or latere If you find that your baby is not yet ready, it would be better to drop it for the moment and start again after a few days or weeksk

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